Oneness by Gauri


by Gauri, April 2022

I always giggle to myself when I hear talk about ‘matter and consciousness’. Especially when it’s about rocks.


Guruji often refers to rocks as a dense form of consciousness with a lower vibration. Using the word giggle has probably let on that yes, I’m a peculiar. Guruji teaches that there are three types of people, peculiar, solid, and vital, his idea is based on the gunas in the Bhagavad Gita; sattva, rajas, and tamas. Simply put, peculiars are emotional, solids are thinkers and vitals are doers. So as a peculiar I claim my right to talk about ‘matter and consciousness’ as I have experienced it during my sadhana and quite possibly before then as it is my nature to seek comfort in the natural world. 

Whenever my heart is heavy or even when I’m in an uplifted state I seek the outdoors, walking and connecting with the world around me especially along the shoreline of oceans, rivers, and lakes. In this feeling state, I find that my vision, or sight always finds or perhaps is drawn to things in the shape of a heart. I see them in clouds, in leaves, in ice and snow formations, but especially in rocks. I have quite a collection. My gardens are full. The holes in my coat pockets bear evidence of that truth, I have walked miles, collecting these precious forms as I go. I like to think that when I am in a clear space of good feeling and in my heart, my outer vision matches it and it is reflected to me through the wondrous loving connection, of oneness in all things, even rocks and clouds and the world all around me. 

It was on such as walk along the river close to home that I saw a large boulder, a perfect spot to sit and meditate and say the mantra for a few moments, to take my mind away from it’s worries. Closing my eyes I sat, listening to the wind in the grass and the birds singing, the various insects as a thought entered my mind; surely, I am not the first person to sit here on this perfect boulder so close to the river? As I considered this another thought came up, and another meditation presented itself to me. Why don’t I ask the rock to tell me all about the people who may have rested here? And so, I did. With my eyes closed I considered the length of time it may have been there, and all the potential people who could have wandered across its path and rested. I envisioned people of long ago, first human types, First Nation people, Europeans, fur traders, settlers, farmers, cattle ranchers, fishermen, all the possible local present-day families in the area. 

I quietly sat and waited for stories to come into my consciousness. After a while, there was a shift in my awareness and whether it asked me too or whether my thoughts turned to my worries, I began to speak to the rock about who I was, what I was doing there, I heard myself telling the boulder my story. I felt full of gratitude as I recalled the years leading to meeting Guruji and Devi Ma and my sadhana and as I reflected on this and expressed it outwardly a feeling of love and peace started to flow and from that feeling a great sigh was released and with it my worries. 

I sat in stillness enjoying the peace filled moment. 

I broke the silence laughing out loud as I realised that the rock had been doing what it was meant to be doing, what it’s beingness is perhaps all about, unconsciously or just maybe consciously, being solid as a rock, supporting me and probably the many others who had taken rest upon its back. 

I stood up, looked back at the rock, and thanked it for listening and supporting me literally and figuratively and for helping me to make sense of my troubles and for helping me to return to such a peaceful state. 

In an act of gratitude, I bent forward to give the boulder a loving pat and I noticed a beautiful piece of curly willow driftwood beside it, reaching through the tall grass to uncover the driftwood and to get a good look at it I discovered to my great delight, a heart naturally etched out of the side of the rock. It was large enough to place both the palms of my hands inside, tears started to flow and an incredible feeling of connection, of oneness in all overcame me again. 

I set off with the thought, Consciousness Is Everything resonating deeply within, and the walk home placed me peacefully at my Guru’s feet. 

Gauri on retreat in Ganeshpuri, India with Swami Shankarananda from The Ashram in Mount Eliza.

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