The Guru by Swami Chiti Ananda

Meeting Bhagavan Nityananda

by Swami Chiti Ananda, December 2022

“When the chela is ready the Guru will appear”. – Swami Chiti Ananda.


Baba Muktananda says that “if there is a student, then there must be a teacher and there are teachers for every subject.”

In Baba Muktananda’s book, “The Perfect Relationship”, he explains how we can discern a real Guru from a false one. It is a great book. What I love most is the title, “The Perfect Relationship”, because when a student finds the right Guru, that’s exactly how it is – the relationship is perfect.

This is what I have come to know:

The Guru supports us emotionally and we are welcomed with unconditional love.

The Guru really sees who we are. They look deeply into our eyes. They see the real Self, seeing us clearly.

The Guru never hesitates to support us in any way they can but they let us find our own answers. They are patient and generous with their time because their love is unconditional.

The Guru will always tell us the truth, not what we want to hear.

The Guru will never ask us for anything material. They only want the best for us.

They want us to absorb whatever they offer. They give their boundless love, passing on timeless treasures of ancient knowledge they learned from their Guru.

There have been several gurus in my life who have offered me all these things and more. My first guru was my mother. She taught me about caring for others, being patient, and loving. Her instructions were always to be honest and kind to others. She took me to church and Sunday school, and she taught me how to pray and to be grateful for all that we have. She taught me to always forgive and to “never let the sun go down on my sadness or anger because tomorrow was another day.” She taught me about nature and to wonder at the smallest things such as gathering mushrooms after the rain and frost on winter mornings, watching glistening dew drops hanging like jewels on branches after the rain, watching small fluffy chicks being guided by the mother hen in the farmyard and about collecting warm newly laid eggs at my grandpa’s farm.

My mother taught me to sew by sitting on her knee while using an old treadle sewing machine. I was allowed to turn the small handle at the side; so, I thought I was sewing too. All my clothes were made by my mother; dresses, blouses, and even a dreadfully uncomfortable pair of towelling bathers that hung heavily when wet. She also taught me how to cook, allowing me to stir the custards and sauces while I stood on a chair beside the stove.

Each year the schoolchildren in my country town had a fancy dress ball that the local Country Women’s group organised for us. We were taught ballroom dancing in preparation for a grand parade where everyone wore special costumes. One year, at just 5 years old my mother dressed me in a beautiful blue sari, golden bangles, and a bindi on my forehead, I have a cherished photo of that night.  My mother was also a mystic who was highly intuitive.

My second guru Dr. Kamala Mata Aranya was my lotus mother whom I met in 1975. She was an ordained Buddhist nun who grew up in northern India where she met her Master, an ancient Tibetan named Sri Jnanananda-Ji (at 4 or 5 years of age).

When I met Kamala-Mata for the very first time at the ashram in Somerset in the north of Tasmania, her words were “You are meant to be with us my dear, welcome.” I studied with Kamala-Mata, who became my mentor and inspiration for many years, and was offered my first initiation into the silent and ancient Aranyan Order of swamis in 1995. Ashram life was interesting, and I learned a lot. Kamala-Mata took Mahasamadhi on March 3rd, 2006, in far North Queensland after a massive stroke. Her strict instructions over the years were, “No funeral – no fuss”. 

For 5 years following Kamala-Mata’s Mahasamadhi, I existed without a living guru, and then one day a surprising thing happened. I was visiting the local library when a book fell from the shelf landing at my feet. The title was, Carrot in my Ear by Swami Shankarananda. I took the book home and read it with interest. The book had such an incredible effect on me, so I decided to write to Guruji (Swami Shankarananda), who encouraged me to attend a forthcoming retreat at The Ashram in November 2011.

When I first met Guruji, he looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Tell me about yourself.” When I told him my life story he said, “Each person is a doorway of opportunity to the Self.” He pulled me into a warm embrace and added, “There is a place waiting here for you when you are ready.”  His Shakti field surrounded me, rendering me speechless.

The retreat was incredible, every time Guruji was nearby my heart would beat madly, and when I heard the words, “Jyota se Jyota jagavo,” my whole being cracked open, in my heart knew, after many lifetimes that I had found the Satguru.

Shaktipat gave me priceless gifts of heightened awareness, visions of loved ones, and cascading sparks of Light and colour. The experience was truly awesome. I sobbed in overflowing bliss. The Self was on fire with the Shakti erupting from within.

My Satguru keeps on giving. He tells us we are already perfect just as we are. It truly is “the perfect relationship”.

If we find a Guru who fulfills all the qualifications, we need both spiritually and in preparation for our sadhana in serving others in worldly duties, then stay with them for as long as you possibly can. Cherish their blessings, love, and honour them.

Worship the Self, honour the Self. The Guru is within.

Swami Chiti Ananda on retreat with Swami Shankarananda in Ganeshpuri, India.

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